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> Please can I have permission to use your images on my website?
Yes you may, although the images on my website are protected by copyright please feel free to use them in a non-commercial way. I would appreciate a link to my website on your pages and please credit the work to me. I do however hold the rights to withdraw the permission at any time and the work would need to be removed from your site.

> Where did you study art?
I originally trained at the Salisbury College of Art in the UK but after a year I decided to leave and taught myself new techniques

> What techniques and mediums do you use?
Traditionally I used acrylic on board but over the last 18 years I have diversified into using a mix of traditional art with state of the art computer graphics. Try and guess which ones are painted traditionally and which I have used computer graphics!

> Where can I purchase products and prints?
My work is used on book covers, greeting cards, T-shirts, puzzles, collectable's, playing cards and even tattoos! I do not distribute any of my images but you can find my work all over the world and is sold by various manufacturers Please see shop.

> Is there a book that features your artwork?
Not at the moment but I have been approached by a leading publisher so please keep checking out my website.

> Where do you get your inspiration?
I am a keen surfer, skydiver, paraglider and scuba diver and I love to travel so inspiration is all around me. I feel very close to nature and enjoy the hustle and bustle of every day life but I also like time on my own to explore the world and discover myself.

> Your subjects are so diverse, how do you manage them all?
I love to be able to create an image to suit everyone’s tastes. Obviously we are all different so I make sure that my images cater to each persons imagination. When a client commissions a new image it could be of any subject and that is what excites me and keeps me inspired.