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David Penfound is proud to work closely with Ravensburger Puzzles over the last 20 years, designing puzzles for some of their most ambitious projects. In fact David was the artist to design the image 'Tropical Impressions'  for their first record breaking puzzle in 2000 with over 18,000 pieces! Designing puzzles is very challenging for an artist as the amount of detail and interest you need to create to fill a large puzzle is an immense task and can take many months to complete. David has huge respect for the keen puzzlers who build the puzzles, whether it be an individual or huge teams!  The time that goes into putting the puzzles together rivals the actual time it takes David to create the image in the first place. Check out some of David's puzzles being built on YouTube! Well done and respect to you all!

Here's just a small collection of my Ravensburger puzzles  over the years.

Special Projects: Really large puzzles.

Special Projects: Glow in the dark , animation and shaped puzzles.

Special Projects: 3d puzzles.

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Ravensburger Astrology 9000 pieces puzzle - Time lapse
by Narigari
I love this video Well done !

Ravensburger 1000pc augmented reality animation

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